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Hey! I’m Sam, and I’m an Animator, Illustrator and Comic Colourist, and I currently live in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.

I’m passionate about animation and art, I’ve loved them since I was a small child, and its always stayed with me. I’m an enthusiastic and dedicated worker, and I try to infuse a sense of fun and humour into my work. I attained a 2:1 in 2D Digital Animation from the University of Hertfordshire, and I’m well versed in both traditional and “modern flash cut-out style” animation techniques.

I’m a huge fan of comics, and I’ve worked in the comics industry as a colourist, I love the buzz of colouring a piece and making it look as best as it can. I’ve worked on an unpaid freelance basis for Transformers Mosaic & Transformers: The Lost Seasons and professionally for Titan’s Transformers Prime Magazine.

I’m a collector of modern and vintage toys, and have a collection which is slowly spreading throughout my house! I also have a huge love of movies, videogames, music, tattoos and tattoo culture.

I’m a big sports fan, following Football, NFL and American Wrestling.

I’m a proud follower of the Straight Edge lifestyle, which includes abstaining from Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs, but I have no problem with those who partake in these activites. Each to their own.

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