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Just a few words from some people I’ve had the pleasure of calling my contemporaries.

“Sam Palmer’s output is as fun and stylish as the man himself. The chap improves everytime he takes to the tablet, and his enthusiasm for his craft is infectious. If you’re looking for someone who takes direction well and graciously, and who has a gut-growling hunger to better himself in every way, then you’re already in the right corner of the internet.”

– Nick Roche (Writer/Artist: IDW’s Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers,
Artist: Various Transformers Titles for IDW)

“In all the occasions I have met Sam, he has proven to be a communicative, articulate and enthusiastic person who is extremely passionate about his craft. His skills as a digital colourist are already strong, and he always welcomes feedback to help improve upon his work and develop as an artist.”

– Kris Carter (Artist/Colourist: IDW’s Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Transformers: Spotlight,
Lou Scannon)

“Having had the pleasure of meeting Sam on several occasions now I’ve always found him to be friendly, enthusiastic, relaxed and approachable. He has a really keen interest to achieve that perfect look…
I believe he’d go above-and-beyond in working with a client, listening to feedback etc, in order to help them achieve their ideal end-product.”

– Kat Nicholson (Artist/Colourist: Titan’s Transformers Animated, IDW’s Transformers Animated
Colourist: IDW’s Transformers Animated, Beast Wars Source Book, Panini’s Thundercats)

More coming soon…

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